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Washington School
Soaring Into the New Year
Normandy Schools Collaborative Mural

Welcome to Washington School!


Washington School, located in Vinita Park, opened its doors in 1930 and is one of the Collaborative’s oldest buildings. Washington enrolls approximately 300 students in grades 1-8.

To help provide needed resources and services for students, Washington has several partnerships with local groups and organizations including The Gathering Church, Mid-County Fire Protection District, Tony’s Donuts, and Dhvani Foundation. Recently, Washington received a $25,000 grant from insurance company Allstate which was used for library renovations including new furniture and equipment including two digital cameras, Chromebooks, media production equipment and software, and of course, books!

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Bus time changes for Washington School

Changes are being made to the time, stop location and/or bus assignment for some Washington School students. Students affected will be bringing home a letter outlining the changes. This is effective Tuesday, January 17, 2023. Please see the stop listed below to view the new bus number, stop location and times.  

Route #25 – Washington New Times

Stop Location                                                               AM Pick Up                            PM Drop-off 

Bloom & Hanley East side                                              8:32 AM                                    4:20 PM

Midland & Eads                                                                8:37 AM                                    4:24 PM

Midland & Buchanon                                                      8:39 AM                                    4:26 PM

Midland & Washington                                                   8:44 AM                                   4:29 PM


Route #16 – Washington New Times

Stop Location                                                               AM Pick Up                             PM Drop-off               

North and South & St. Charles Ln                                 8:26 AM                                   4:35 PM

El Quito & Lackland                                                         8:28 AM                                   4:37 PM

Nola & Wheaton                                                              8:32 AM                                   4:25 PM

Albin & Wheaton                                                             8:34 AM                                   4:28 PM

Brenner & North and South                                          8:35 AM                                    4:31 PM

Ellerton & Wheaton                                                        8:39 AM                                    4:35 PM

7837 Bloom                                                                     8:43 AM                                    4:21 PM


Route #15 – Washington New Times

Stop Location                                                             AM Pick Up                              PM Drop-off                        

Archway Manor & St. Charles Rock Rd                         8:18 AM                                   4:36 PM

Carson & Hanley                                                            8:24 AM                                   4:24 PM

Chorman & Hanley                                                        8:26 AM                                    4:26 PM

Cler & Old Hanley                                                          8:28 AM                                    4:28 PM

Lyndhurst & Meridian                                                     8:30 AM                                    4:30 PM

Pennsylvania & Ruddy                                                  8:39 AM                                     4:40 PM

Eltora & Pennsylvania                                                   8:41 AM                                     4:41 PM

Canton & Nixon                                                             8:43 AM                                     4:44 PM


Route #10 has been moved to Routes #15, #16 & #25 - Washington

Stop Location                                                            AM Pick Up                               PM Drop-off

Carson & Hanley                                                           8:24 AM                                     4:24 PM

Chorman & Hanley                                                       8:26 AM                                     4:26 PM

Cler & Old Hanley                                                         8:28 AM                                     4:28 PM

Lyndhurst & Meridian                                                  8:30 AM                                     4:30 PM

Route #16 New

El Quito & Lackland                                                       8:28 AM                                     4:37 PM

North and South & St. Charles Ln                               8:26 AM                                     4:35 PM

Route #25 New

Midland & Eads                                                              8:37 AM                                     4:24 PM


All bus riders are scheduled to arrive at Washington School by 8:45 AM.

All students must be at the bus stop five minutes prior to the stop time to ensure they load the bus on time. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the transportation office at 314-493-0119.  

NSC District Values

Curabitur blandit tempus porttitor. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.

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We strive relentlessly for excellence and take personal accountability for our actions and their impact. We maintain high expectations for all students to achieve at high levels.


We walk our talk, acting with integrity and honesty.


We build respectful and restorative relationships that enable us to partner effectively across lines of difference.



We reflect deeply and with curiosity, learn continuously, and persist to meet our goals and conquer our challenges.


We attend to the needs of the whole person, celebrating and loving ourselves and one another as healthy and happy members of the community.

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Normandy Schools Collaborative prepares global leaders for college, career and productive citizenship by empowering a community of confident learners and valuing the unique contributions of every student.

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